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The Lies Blockchainsupport (Clone) Romance Scammers Tell

The Lies Blockchainsupport (Clone) Romance Scammers Tell

Losing money to an online scam can be frustrating but being the victim of the romance scam is even worse. It’s easy to get swept up in the passion of love, but if you are feeling anything less than that, it’s time to reassess the situation. It is possible that your relationship doesn’t have a future without something above board. A new scam has been emerging on the internet of late and romance scammers are more aggressive these days. Just like checking whether Blockchainsupport (Clone) legit or not, you also need to check if the dating platform is safe or not. 

If you feel like someone might be trying to take advantage of your feelings of vulnerability, try some common-sense tips for spotting a scam or talking yourself out of it before things get too far along. While the internet provides access to all kinds of information, it actually scoops out a lot of mostly bad information. This leads people to believe that there are certain things that just can’t happen online. This has caused many people to mistakenly believe that they are being pursued by someone they have never met or that their relationship is not genuine because the other person behaves strangely after meeting in person.

This behavior is so common among romance scammers because it works so well. The scammer will ask you for money, gifts, or even sexual favors before you have an opportunity to see if there’s any truth to their words about love or love at first sight.

Romance Scams are Purely Based on Lies

If you are in a relationship with someone you have never met in person, they are using these lies to develop trust. This trust is necessary for them to continue the scam. If the scammer can get you to believe his lies, they will probably ask you for money. Many people don’t actually realize how much money they have lost in romance scams because they were trying to believe that it was love that caused them to hand over money.

The only “love” that causes your bank account to empty is when the scammer asks for money to help their sick mother or send their children back home where they are living with their grandmother after being orphaned in an accident.

A romance scammer is not trying to help their sick mother; they are looking for your money, but they won’t tell you why. This appears to be the best way to get your sympathy and touch your heart. While this might work for some, there is no love that can sustain itself on lies.

5 Common Lies told in Romance Scam

The ultimate goal of any romance scam is to get the money. You will experience the same promises in Blockchainsupport (Clone) trading scams. They will play a long game to make you feel confident and sure about their intentions. Once you have come closer, they will eventually ask for a favor regarding money or other things. They will ask for money to take care of their mother or they will ask you to help them with booking tickets. Usually, these lies are based on urgent matters and the sense of urgency will give you the motive to send the payments as soon as possible.  Here are some common lies that are told by common romance scammers.

1. The Scammer Will Do Anything for You

The scammer is not going to give up his money just because you don’t want him to. The scammer isn’t going to spend the rest of his life with you and start a family. You aren’t getting married or receiving your inheritance. You aren’t getting a puppy! This isn’t the plot of a rom-com; this is reality, and it’s happening right now. There are certain problems with these scams that are related to Blockchainsupport (Clone) complaints too. The scam brokers also present these happy sceneries for you.

If someone really loves you, they will change their ways and save their money and then continue with the relationship and try to build something that is really out of something that was fake from the beginning.

2. The Scammer Is in Love with You

This is another common lie that many victims fall for. No one falls in love with someone they have only met online. Love cannot be forced and it cannot be created out of something false.

When you meet someone who claims to be in love with you, take a good look at their reactions and how they communicate with you. Do they show any flaws or do they seem like the picture of perfection? If you really loved this person, why would you be worried about their flaws?

3. The Scammer Loves Children

For some reason, people are often attracted to someone who has children. This is likely because the child will make the person look good. If you are approached by someone who claims to love children, take a deep breath. They don’t actually love children; they are lying to fill your heart with hope and then use your actions as proof that they are for real.

4. They Ask for Money for Anything

This one can be a lot scarier because it’s usually part of a romance scam. If you are being asked to give money for something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If the broker asks for upfront money, that is also a Blockchainsupport (Clone) warning for the user. 

Don’t give it to them because you are only making the situation worse. Money brings with it many complications, so keep your money and find another way to see if this relationship is real or not.

5. They Tell You Their Love Story

Every person has a story to tell about how they met their spouse or significant other. This thing works just as Blockchainsupport (Clone) company scam where the brokers tell you some sweet stories to attract your attention. These stories are all lies! There’s no way that someone you have only met online could really be in love with you unless they’re literally perfect and possess no flaws at all.

How to Spot a Romance Scam?

First of all, don’t hand over any money, gifts, or even meet in person with anyone you don’t know personally not only in case of a romance scam but Blockchainsupport (Clone) fraud. The best way to do this is by being skeptical and asking questions about his family and background. Asking questions at first will show that you have taken notice of the red flags he attempted to hide from you initially. The entire platform can also be a big scam as previously we have suggested going through the Blockchainsupport (Clone) fees details, you should also check the fees charged by the platform.

If you are more convinced that this might be real love after meeting the person in person, make sure you are talking with the person’s family on a regular basis. This will keep you informed about their true relationship.

Another thing that romance scammers want is your bank account information. If they ask for your account numbers or try to get you to send money directly through Western Union, stay away. If they were truly in love with you, they would not ask for these things directly.

What to do if you’ve Already Been Scammed?

If you’ve already handed over money or revealed personal bank information, contact your bank immediately and report fraudulent activity. Fund recovery specialists can also help you to track the payments that you have sent to Blockchainsupport (Clone) scam. Fund recovery agents are experienced to investigate such types of online scams and frauds. If you think that you’ve fallen victim to the romance scam, contact your local police department and file a complaint. These types of scams are getting worse because people are becoming more cautious online.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as true love or true love at first sight on the internet. If someone asks for money before you have met them, it’s usually because they want some money first before they let you meet them in person.

Beware of Digital and Online Scams

The online world has made it easier for scammers to get money out of inexperienced users. Apart from romance scams, broker scams are also on the rise these days. Before investing your money with any broker, make sure to do your own research or let the fund recovery specialists assist you. If you are interested, you can read more about Blockchainsupport (Clone) reviews so that you are sure of what to expect from the broker.

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