Romance Financial Scams
Romance Financial Scams

Romance Financial Scams

What is a Romance Scam?

According to the AARP, a romance scam is a romance-based fraud that generally targets older adults. There is no magical age when a person is immune to these scams, but there are some signs that you should take seriously.

The victim makes a promise to meet someone in person and is asked to pay for a background check before actually meeting him or her. Usually, these scams come with the request for cash payments.

The scammer sends fake emails or text messages, claiming that a long-lost love has left a heartfelt message or is offering a surprise gift.

The scammer continuously tries to convince the victim to send money and gifts to the “love-stricken” person to “make up” for their supposed past.

Why People Get Scammed by Romance Scams

Reasons why people fall victim to romance scams vary, but the bottom line is that some people have more money than they know what to do with. Sometimes people are threatened by an abusive partner and simply need the security of knowing that they’re not alone. Others feel that because they’ve worked hard to have good credit, they shouldn’t be taken advantage of. In some situations, scammers say that the victim was a long-distance lover and therefore no one else wants to be with them. Even if it’s true, you can’t let that stop you from getting what you deserve.

As a matter of fact, these romances can go well beyond these first stages. If a scammer does eventually contact you, the fun can start when they tell you that there’s money left on their credit card.

Signs That You’re Being Scammed By A Romance Scam

If you’re being contacted by a person you don’t know through a dating site, it may be time to check if there’s a possibility of a scam. Avoid clicking on links or providing any personal information to these individuals. Beware of anyone who sends you a message that appears to be sent by someone else, and often asks you for money and/or personal information.

There are plenty of red flags to look out for when making any relationship and financial decisions. However, women and men have started to notice the importance of taking time to research before making any final decisions.

Advice For Women Who Have Been Victimised

• Always take your time to research a potential relationship, including reading reviews online.

How To Avoid A Romance Scam

A lot of us are in love and have great expectations that the relationship would work. But most people who fall victim to a romance scam are on the way to disaster. Be sure that you understand that romance scams are out there. So, it’s always better to learn about scams before they put you in danger.

One way to ensure that you don’t fall for a scam is to check with the Department of Justice about the current scams in your area. Also, if you fall victim to a romance scam, contact the Federal Trade Commission. You can also visit to learn about the latest scams and to make a report of any scam. Don’t just contact the FTC. The organization wants people to take a stand.

The letter that you’ve sent to that new guy is a scam. Do not reply to it. Ignore and delete it.

The Consequences of Falling For A Romance Scam

People are taking time off from work or struggling to get enough hours to make ends meet.

These scammers get people in debt and they don’t even get to enjoy a single kiss.

After a couple of months, you begin to realize that all of those compliments you’re receiving are probably fake.

The scams are always going to outsmart you.

How To Spot a Romance Scam?

Romance scams are so prevalent that law enforcement, along with FBI and SEC have teams dedicated to solving them. Here are some of the most common red flags of a romance scam:

1. You are introduced to someone online or on the phone. They seem real and you get excited. You talk a lot and develop romantic feelings.

2. They tell you they’re in the same country or are traveling to the same places you live.


Many people need to be aware of these online romance scams. Online romance scams have become so widespread that they’re leaving many victims of these types of scams unable to get closure from the experience. Scammers come from all over the world, and scammers hide in anonymous chat rooms on the Internet. Their goal is to have you send them money. Victims may even lose thousands of dollars. Thankfully, the Internet has the power to take advantage of the gullible, and it’s much easier to lose money these days.

Understand that you don’t need to lose money to online romance scams. You can always get a refund of your money if you find out your relationship was a scam, and you can learn to spot a romance scam in action.