Romance Scams
Romance Scam Explained

Romance Scam Explained

Romance scams work by convincing the victims that they are in love with their attacker. The scammer may tell the victim that they have never had a relationship before, claiming they don’t know how to show affection. The scammer will trick the victim into thinking the relationship will get stronger over time and that they’ll be able to build a life with the scammer.

After the scammer successfully convinces you that they love you and that you’ll be together for the rest of your lives, they’ll start demanding money for personal expenses. The scammer will demand that you send money for business opportunities or investments that will supposedly help your relationship. There are many scams that mimic investment opportunities, but nothing is worth losing your money to.

How to Avoid a Romance Scam

There are many common tactics of romance scams, but the most effective way to avoid falling victim is to avoid contact. The scammer will use chat rooms to see how compatible they are and how much money they can extract from their victims.

But, the online community has made it increasingly difficult to find scam artists to avoid the scams. The same precautions used by the main attraction are used by fraudsters. The biggest step of communication is the first email communication. If a relationship is struck, the scammer will ask for money to help facilitate the relationship.

To avoid falling victim, always take the time to research the person you are chatting with online.

How to Tell if Someone is a Scammer

There are numerous red flags that can help you identify an online romance scammer:

They demand money for things that they have no intention of delivering. If the person you’re dating is hounding you for a considerable amount of money, there’s a good chance he or she is not who he or she claims to be. He or she will never use your money for something that you had agreed to do together, and if this request is refused, this person will threaten to leave you. It’s likely that this person will also begin to use and abuse you, if you give in to the pressure.

If the person you’re dating is hounding you for a considerable amount of money, there’s a good chance he or she is not who he or she claims to be.

What are the red flags that indicate someone is trying to scam you?

Romance scammers: look-alikes can be very convincing.

It’s OK to get a friend to verify your relationship or meet in person.

The dating site or profile looks too good to be true.

You receive a cash gift or wire transfer from the scammer for help with something or to cover a missed payment.

They create a Facebook account on your behalf and use your photos.

Scammers rarely offer to give you money to start a relationship. Most money is offered in cash or wired.

Most love scams are emotional scams. The scammer isn’t interested in your money or needs or responsibilities.

Picture or profile picture is not of the person in general

There are no photos of the person online.

Email address is not published on social media.

Photo with the handle of a brand that sells clothes, jewelry, electronics, or drugs is missing.

Person is not local.

Company is not known.

The scammer gets personal information

The scammer does not ask for you to share or divulge any personal information, such as your birthday, address, or the last four digits of your credit card, you know for your safety. They ask for general personal details like your age, ethnicity, and occupation. You should never give out this information to anyone that you do not know well, especially in an online dating or dating app chat.

English is not their first language

The scammer has to convince you that you are in a very special situation, like you’re flying all the way to a place where the water is really clean. Romance scams are usually emotional rather than financial and it’s because they’re not selling you something tangible, so you have to buy into their fantasies to be believed. But you must be very careful because these people will do everything possible to make you think that you’re in love and that you’re in a very special situation.

This is a highly unusual circumstance, they will typically send you an email with lots of words of love, but at the end they may try to steal more of your money.

They want to meet up right away, regardless of your compatibility

When you finally make a connection with someone, the scammer immediately asks to meet up with you. They want to meet up right away, regardless of your compatibility. Some people meet them in person for the first time just to see what’s up.

“I was on and met a guy in April. After a few days of flirting, I told him I’d like to go on a date. He said that he had a five-day business trip in Paris on May 5. I said I’d like to go on a date with him. He asked if I had a passport. I replied that I did and that I would be traveling to Paris on May 5,” said Julie Wells, who fell victim to the scam in Florida.

“The next morning, he came to my house at 6 a.m. and said he had to go on another business trip to Prague. He then apologized and said he wouldn’t be able to do it.


Every scammer has a unique goal. You should stay clear of all possible scams when it comes to dating sites, apps, and events. If you feel that you may be a victim of any scam, contact the FBI immediately. You never know who can be a scammer or who is involved in the scam. This is why you should always take time to protect yourself and avoid any possible scams that can happen.