Romance Scams
Romance Binary Options Scam

Romance Binary Options Scam

What are these scams?

Romance scams are a form of fraud. They work by the fraudster creating a fake profile of a pretty woman who is searching for love on the Internet. The “woman” often sends beautiful texts, photos, and the perfect first date. The scammer is then solicited for money or other favors for help in marriage, travel, a job opportunity, etc. A single night or one-night stand with a scammer is simply a brief and fabricated prelude to a much longer relationship. Many online scams are based in the Philippines, India, Africa, or other countries. They typically call people up, telling them that they have found them the perfect woman, on the Internet. They then ask the individual to send a fee or a gift for help in getting to know her better.

Red flags to watch out for

There are some red flags that you can be on the look-out for if you are a victim of a romance scam:

He claims to be in some really exotic country when in reality he is working there. The phony internet lover will be back home in six months or less. He has the money to continue living in an expensive place with expensive meals and travel. He also has the money to fly you to some far-away country. He gives you very little information about the country he is in and other facts about the dating website. He’s really good-looking, very charismatic and handsome. In his profile he makes you believe that you two are very much in love. He has the language skills, but doesn’t necessarily have the vocabulary. He is usually someone who has had little formal education.

The long-term effects of romance scams

1. Sex-for-money

These schemes usually require a payment of money or sometimes, in the case of the best-known romance scams, for a time. This leaves a victim vulnerable for many reasons. The scammer can then manipulate and use you in ways that may not be agreed upon. They can also force themselves on you and share intimate photos. They take out loans for you to repay if you fail to give the requested amount. There is no guarantee that they will marry you or even finish with you.

2. Narcissism

Sometimes, the scammer develops an inflated sense of self-worth based on what they are doing to you. They then grow bold and more or less tell you what they would like you to do, the rules you need to follow and how you will make them happy.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Romance Scams

Several red flags will help you avoid romance scams. If you spot any of the warning signs below, contact a divorce lawyer to help you get out of the trap and save yourself thousands of dollars.

Avoid sharing private details and photos on social media sites. Remember, the better you look on social media, the greater the chances of you being scammed.

Never give out personal information to strangers. You never know who is a scammer and who is not.

Research the background and qualifications of the person you are communicating with on social media sites before agreeing to meet.

Avoid dating people you do not know.

Never wire money to anyone. Never make any type of payment over the phone.

Do not send cash to anyone you don’t know.

A Great Question to Ask Yourself

Do you feel like you’re wasting your time online looking for love when you could be exploring new opportunities? Have you even wondered if you could be a target of a scam? Never give out your personal information to someone you have never met or communicated with in real life before.

Avoid being Scammed

You might want to start by determining how much you are willing to spend to meet your partner online. Make sure you are comfortable with the amount of time that you will spend online and with whom. However, be cautious of giving out any of your personal details and divulging intimate details about yourself online.

To meet someone for the first time online, you can meet up in a public place. However, if you meet someone online and it doesn’t turn out to be a date, it’s not your fault.

A Great Question to Ask Them

There are many reasons why people fall victim to romance scams: they are trusting, lonely, or just getting back into the dating world. If you are already at this stage, it’s time to set your date goals and avoid people who try to hit you up for a quick easy cash.

The first thing to look for is if they have a desire to meet up in person. If they are willing to fly across the country to do so, then you are being taken advantage of. The victims have no idea how much you are paying for their travels and experiences. The next thing to look for is if they have children, be it a current or a past situation. Those children often times are all you need to gain access to your cash.

A Great Question to Ask the Person’s Friends

The victims most often state that they are seeking relationships based on mutual understanding and trust. Yet the scammers try to make the victim feel needy and have the victim ask friends and family for help. Do not go along with requests for help from people you don’t know.

Meet Up: Look for a “Meet Up” website where the scammer is actively organizing events. The website usually says the “Meet Up” will cost $10 per person.

One way to spot a romance scam is to know that when someone contacts you with a “blind date” story, you shouldn’t meet up. If you do meet up, you should take some basic precautions, like checking their social media profile and establishing a relationship only online.

Helpful Tips to Protect Yourself from Romance Scams

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre warns, “if you receive a message from someone who claims to love you, you may want to ask them for photos of themselves.” The obvious red flags for romance scams include having to pay or a request for money. Remember, no money is supposed to be sent to someone you haven’t met in person.

Whether you want to find love or to have a good time online, it’s always a good idea to practice caution. You can protect yourself from romance scams by only using platforms that provide you with anti-fraud services like the Better Business Bureau. Never give out personal information like your address, social media account, credit card number, or banking information to anyone you haven’t met in person. This can help you keep your data safe from thieves.


These scamming con artists tend to be married. They take advantage of other’s vulnerable insecurities in order to exploit them and take all of their money. They tend to be smart and crafty, so you need to stay alert and stay alert for a long time before you would be likely to recognize it’s a scam. Every person is vulnerable to being scammed at some point in their life. People of all age groups are being preyed upon by fraudsters to this very day. You just need to be aware and the most effective ways to do it is by avoiding scams and recognizing them as soon as they come.

2. The Trust Trap

It’s not always easy to trust people around you. Most of us have been tricked by fake personas on different websites, to the point where we would rather not trust anyone.