Romance Scams
Romance Forex scam

Romance Forex scam

What is a romance scam?

A romantic scam is defined as an elaborate scam that focuses on personal feelings of love. It differs from a typical romance scam in that the emotional manipulation aspect of the scam starts very early on in the relationship. The perpetrator uses several different communication methods to build up the victim’s sympathy and make them believe they are falling in love with the scammer. The perpetrators often use first person narrative and grammar techniques to make their victim believe it’s the truth.

The emotional manipulation, however, is only part of the equation. The perpetrator also uses personal information, money, and social engineering techniques to trick the victim into believing they are in an exclusive relationship.

The warning signs of a romance scam

1. Romantic overtures online

No declaration of love – or really any declaration of love – requires immediate reciprocation.

No emoticon, winky face, kiss, or affectionate nickname is ever used.

He never brings up anything personal in conversation.

He’s more focused on himself than the person he’s with.

2. More than a dozen men

No one needs more than one significant other.

There is no drama about having multiple partners.

Women are portrayed as needy, desperate, and emotionally unavailable.

3. Multiple stolen money

They show no signs of looking for a steady job.

They threaten to file for a restraining order to keep you from leaving them.

4. An immediate breakup

He is angry and promises he will never contact you again.

How to avoid being scammed

If you meet someone and are attracted to them on an Internet dating site, it’s normal to talk to them. This can help you learn more about them, but keep in mind that on an online dating site you should only talk to people you’re actually interested in. Do not give out your personal information, bank account details, or even your bank account information to strangers. Be cautious of anyone who asks for money to pay for a visa or any sort of travel expenses. The scammer may just be lonely and in need of help.

Avoid investing in foreign currencies

Always be cautious when investing or trading in foreign currencies. You may have to pay a percentage for your profit in order to buy a currency. If you have a low rate of return, you are going to lose money.


At present, millions of scammers are wandering around online. They are using different ways and tricks to steal your money. These scams are happening to both genders. Remember the following tips and avoid falling prey to romance scammers.

If you think you are being scammed, report the scammer or potential scammer to the authorities.

Contact a lawyer who can provide legal advice to you. He/she can provide you with answers to many of your questions.

Do not give your money to a person that you have never met face to face before.

Never send money to someone that you have never met before.

Do not disclose your credit card, bank account, or your password to anyone online or by phone.

Do not give out your personal or banking information to anyone you do not trust.